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We believe it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf and adopt environmentally-friendly practices. That’s why we’re committed to elevating businesses that share this philosophy through visually captivating imagery and animations that sets them apart from the competition. If you’re ready to share your story as a nature-supporting company, our team is here to help you succeed.


• Scroll-stopping original imagery

• Graphics, photos and video that support your brand and mission

• Simple, clear and powerful design

Valerie Sebring
Owner and Creative Director

As a Graphic Designer and Art Director for over 25 years, I have translated sales messages and stories into beautiful designs for a variety of small and medium-sized businesses and publications. Combining my years of experience with my love of nature photography, I’ve launched New Leaf Designs and devoted my energy to helping environmentally friendly businesses.

Creating a New Leaf Design is Easy

1. Review the packages below to get familiar with New Leaf Design’s offerings and deliverables.

2. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your social media needs.

3. If we are a good fit, we’ll set up a 1-2 hour consultation to discuss your brand, vision and message.

4. We will present image ideas and/or storyboards, get feedback and deliver quality design you’ll be proud to boost.

Starter Post(s)



• 1 hour brainstorming


• 1 creative concept

with mockups

• 1 set of revisions

• Photography, graphics

and music


Your choice of 1 video

file (under 15 seconds)

or 4 static images

Social Media Campaign



• 2 hour brainstorming


• 2 creative concepts with

mockups or storyboards

• 1 finalized campaign


• 2 sets of revisions

• Photography, graphics

and music


Your choice of 4 videos

(under 30 seconds) or

8 static images

Profile/ Mission Video



• One day photo/video

shoot on location

• 2-hour brainstorming


• Storyboard for direction

• Photography, graphics

and music


• 1-2 minute video


• 3 additional 15 to 30

second video highlights

created from the same

footage and photography.

• Full rights and ownership

of all footage and



Does not include travel expenses

Custom Photography and Video

The best social media content comes from authentic photography and video that tells your unique story. We can help photograph your products in our studio and/or shoot your business on location.

Half Day Rate $500

Full Day $800

Does not include travel expenses

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Heart Collection

Heart Collection

While visiting one of my clients’ home office, she shared her collection of heart rocks to use a as props for product photo shoots. I was surprised how perfectly heart-shaped some of them were as if they were sculpted or designed. Ever since then, I’ve stumbled across...

Jesus Lizard

Jesus Lizard

Photo of the day: Brown Basilisk Lizard, aka "Jesus Christ Lizard" for its ability to walk (really run) on water. When I first saw this fellow, I thought, "It's Toothless from the movie How To Train Your Dragon", but my brainiac boyfriend crushed my celebrity fantasy...

Lawns & Turf & Bees. Oh my!

Lawns & Turf & Bees. Oh my!

Southeast Florida is a home away from home for many people “snow birds” who escape the scary winter months to enjoy the idyllic warm weather and beaches. Like it or not, luxury real estate developers and retirement communities are major influences on the environment...