Miami Arak Liqueurs

The challenge as an artist:
Showcase product flavors in a new and interesting way.

The challenge as a designer:
The client came to me with wildly creative ideas, some of them being a so creative they a little too far out to let the product shine.

The solution:
I love far out ideas because it really gives me permission to think outside of the box. I made adjustments to the client’s original concepts, adding intrigue without overpowering the product. Graphics and animations were created for the website, social media, recipe booklet and coasters.


Miami Arak Website slide of cans and flavors
Miami Arak Website slide of cans and flavors
Miami Arak Watermelon flavor can
Miami Arak Hard seltzer Mango flavor can
Miami Arak Pineapple Coconut flavor can
Miami Arak hard seltzer can Grapefruit can


Miami Arak recipe book cover
Miami Arak recipe book inside pages
Miami Arak bubble gum recipe drink coaster
Miami Arak lemon lime recipe drink coaster
Miami Arak toasted marshmallow recipe drink coaster
Miami Arak espresso recipe drink coaster


Campaign 1: Recipes were created using different flavors of Miami Arak, and this campaign goal was to promote a more flavorful way to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

Campaign 2: The goal was to announce Miami Arak arrival as they were released in New York, New Jersey and popular retail store locations.

Campaign 3: Using existing footage from an event, I edited clips to create flavor collections for a “Taste Test” campaign showing genuine feedback and educating people on the difference between original arak and flavored arak.