UA Brands


The challenge as an artist:
Making an exciting and cohesive look even though all products are different brands and patterns.

The challenge as a designer:
Creating a dynamic layout of numerous products in a limited space and placing product descriptions that are clear to the reader.

The solution:
Use a grouping of products that work together for one WOW page, embellish headline typography to echo the theme, and use a flexible grid to organize the remaining products.


The challenge:

Create a logo and elements that say “recycled” and “soft,” while keeping a clean and airy style to match brand clothing line logos. The logo also needed to a recognizable brand mark for garment clothing tags.

The solution:
Incorporate the commonly recognized recycle symbol into the name in way that can easily be translated to a brandmark for the garment exterior.

UA brands Resurge logo design
UA Brands Resurge garment tag design
UA Brands Resurge logo and tag on garments