When I see a beautiful flower,
I cry,
Not because of its beauty,
But because I SEE that beauty
Then my soul rejoices,
Not because of seeing alone,
But because of the Source of the
Gift of that seeing.


This poem was written by my grandmother “Granny”. I grew up visiting her house on the hill with a steep backyard that led to a pond and garden. I have clear images in my mind of the days I spent flying over the pond in the tire swing, humming a tune and creating silly song lyrics. Time seemed to stand still in those hours spent stepping through the woods, hoping to find something I’ve never seen before or a comfortable spot to set up an imaginary home.

Shortly after we put Granny in the Alzheimer’s care facility, Mom and I went through a lot of her photos, notes and poetry. I ran across this poem for the first time and instantly realized why her soul felt so connected with mine. As they say these days, “I feel seen.” We have the same gift to SEE and also feel a powerful connection to the source of all creations on this earth. As I still struggle to find the right words to express my thoughts and feelings, I’m grateful to have played and worked with talented wordsmiths like my Granny.