While visiting one of my clients’ home office, she shared her collection of heart rocks to use as props for product photo shoots. I was surprised how perfectly heart-shaped some of them were as if they were sculpted or designed. Ever since then, I’ve stumbled across many hearts on my path. Those close to me who have seen the heart collection share hearts they see in their path. My Mom sent a photo of her heart-shaped potato chip once. 😆 A friend sent a heart mark in the sidewalk. My boyfriend brought in a heart leaf he found. I discovered a perfectly heart-shaped tuft of cat fur one day. 😝

At first I thought this phenomenon happened because I was looking for hearts, but these hearts show up exactly when I’m NOT looking. It stops me in my tracks. Then I began to notice other things show up in my life when I’m open to receiving it with the same sense of delight and wonder. Trying to control everything is a hard habit to break, so I still work daily on becoming more grateful and open to new discoveries.